Air-Conditioning Service & Maintenance

East Coast Air is happy to undertake all of your residential and commercial air conditioning service and maintenance requirements throughout Maitland and surrounding areas. We offer full warranty servicing on all systems purchased through East Coast Air, in conjunction with scheduled maintenance servicing.
We often find that air conditioning servicing is often overlooked or neglected while the system seems to be keeping the building's occupants cool, when in fact, it is slowly working itself towards its limit. Power consumption will rise considerably and the system quite often fails when it is needed most, in extreme conditions. This breakdown often costs the customer more in call-outs and part replacement and can sometimes even void warranty conditions.
We have a large fleet of vehicles on the road manned by expert technicians that we can dispatch promptly for your warranty servicing, maintenance and breakdown repairs. Our dedicated employees now travel to cover areas from the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Maitland and the Central Coast. East Coast Air service most major clubs and industries in the Maitland area. We look after commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems for more than 250 maintenance clients and we also service and maintain domestic air conditioners.
Contact us to organise a warranty service or schedule maintenance today.